House Rules for Breaks

1.  All randomized lists, tiebreakers, chances, etc. will be randomized 7 times         through a random generator at This will  show on our live feed

2.  Once you purchase a spot, there are no refunds. We want breaks to fill in quickly so that way everyone has fun! If there is an error on our part, refunds will be  allowed at our discretion.

3.  For any card in which ownership is not at least 66% (i.e. no one owns 2 teams   on  a 3 – team card), we will select a winner at random. Can you guess how?  Yep! 7 times through!

4.  For 2 team cards with 2 owners, we will do a Left/Right list through the generator  7 times to determine if the left team or right team owns it. This will be for ALL  cards in that break.

5. The team used for the player is the one pictured on the card. If it’s a redemption  card, or one without a specific team pictured, we will use the listing at

6.  For most breaks, we ship all the "hits" (jersey cards, relics, auto's, #'d, rare)      along  with inserts. Rookies in some sets will also ship. Veteran base does            not ship unless it's a super premium product.

7.  All domestic orders ship free! For international orders, we will ship First Class  Mail only. There is no tracking for international, unless the customer upgrades      and pays for shipping.

8.  Once your order is with USPS, please contact them regarding any shipping      issues or delays. We have no control over USPS. We suggest signing up for          USPS notifications and you get emails or texts when you have packages              coming. We will ship out Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday. If you are in no rush, please let us know so we can send a few breaks at a time. Our cost savings will get passed down to you!


One daily email is sent out to everyone with a registered account and email address. If you don't already, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. All updates before/after the daily email will be posted on FB and Twitter. Even if you don't use either, I encourage you to do so and just follow us! We will announce full breaks, post pics of prior breaks, and you will see social media-only deals! Don't forget Youtube for Live Streams and Past Breaks!

Join our FB group to interact with us and other members of the MLC family here:

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 Make sure to sign up for the Cardz Perkz Rewards program! You'll get points to use as cash on the website! Also, make sure to refer someone through the program because you BOTH get $5 in Card Dollarz that can be used as cash on the site! 125 points = $3 credit!. You get 75 points just for signing up and 1 point for every dollar spent! You also get 125 points on your birthday!

The other way to get free Card Dollarz is our 'Major League of Cardz' fantasy-style monthly contest. You gain points for every hit. At the end of the month, the top finishers receive a $$ prize and as we grow, the prize will grow! For this month our top 3 will receive $30, $20, $10!

Shipping is super time consuming. Effective immediately, we will ship TWICE per week.  Please note, if you do not have any HITS, we may save your cards to be shipped at a later time if you are in other breaks (i.e. you get a couple low-value RC's or inserts). This is to keep break prices low; $5 BUCK BREAKS!!! ;)
HITS and anything of value is always shipped in a bubble mailer USPS first-class package with tracking. Shipping is always FREE (website only, eBay excluded). Cards of little value may be sent standard first class enveloped.  This is done just to ensure we can keep our break prices as low as possible!!

If you have any questions at any time, don't hesitate to email us at: