2018-19 Leaf Ultimate Hockey Hobby Box Random Serial No. #7

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If you saw the personal break of this, you saw how amazing these cards are! We didn't see a card numbered higher than 15 in 5 boxes! Lots of 1/1's, 1/2's, etc. Multi-auto cards (up to 8 auto's on one card). Game used jersey cards with up to 10 HOFer's on it!

This is a random serial #'d break. 10 spots - you receive a number 0-9. You will receive all cards when the last number in the left side of the "/" matches yours. i.e. 1/1 goes to the 1 spot, so does 11/15, 21/100 etc. The 0 spot would receive 10/10, 100/100, etc.

2018/19 Leaf Ultimate Hockey Hobby Box

Each Box contains Three Premium Hits!

Leaf Trading Cards is excited to announce the 2018-19 edition of Leaf Ultimate Hockey! Look for some new and exciting additions to this hobby favorite product!


SUPERLATIVE SPECTACULAR SWATCH SIGNATURES: An autographed memorabilia card set featuring some of Hockey's greatest stars past and present with amazing memorabilia! Such as: Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby and Brendan Shanahan!

TOUCHSTONE SEASONS: A single player - 6 swatch memorabilia set featuring legends and superstars greatest seasons! Featuring hockey heroes such as: Jean Beliveau, Gordie Howe, and Mario Lemieux!

ONE TIMERS: Single player - jumbo patch/memorabilia card featuring rare one of only one crazy patches, logos, tags and other amazing memorabilia! Look for amazing one of one memorabilia cards of Paul Kariya, Joe Thornton and Dave Keoni!

ONE TIMERS VINTAGE MEMORABILIA: Single player - jumbo patch/memorabilia card featuring amazing one of only one crazy patches. logos, tags and other amazing memorabilia.. vintage style! Look for rare one of one vintage memorabilia cards of Eddie Shore, Stan Mikita, Newsy Lalonde and King Clancy!

THE ULTIMATE CARD: A single player - 8 piece memorabilia card featuring anything from jerseys, patches, pants, skates, pads, gloves and more! Look for memorabilia cards from legends such as: Maurice Richard, Jacques Plante and Willie O'Ree.

ONE TIMER AUTOGRAPHS: Single player - one of one autographed NHL shields! Look for amazing signed one time memorabilia cards of stars such as: Eric Lindros, Joe Thornton and Ilya Kovalchuk.

THE ULTIMATE 8: An 8 player memorabilia card featuring stars and legends that helped build hockey history! Featuring legends of the ice such as: Howe/Delvecchio/Beliveau/Ullman/Hull/Horton/Mahovlich/Mikita and Barilko/Primeau/Kennedy/Armstrong/Clancy/Jackson/Day/Broda.

THE ULTIMATE TOP 10: A 10 player, double sided memorabilia card featuring stars and legends that are the all time statistical leaders! Featuring legends of the ice such as: 1950's assist leaders - Howe/Olmstead/Lindsay/Harvey/Geoffrion/Delvecchio/Beliveau/Kelly/Bathgate/Gadsby.

THE RULE OF THREE: A three player triple memorabilia set featuring patch, jersey, skate, gloves and other amazing memorabilia! Such as: Tretiak/Parent/Dryden. Howe/Hull/Mikita and Sakic/Hull/Lemieux.

ULTIMATE AUTO MEMORABILIA: A single player autographed memorabilia card featuring hockey standouts such as: Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur and Mike Modano!

THE EXPANSION 6: A 6 player - 6 swatch memorabilia card paying homage to the 1967 NHL expansion featuring hockey memories such as: Horton/Bathgate/Pronovost/Hadfield/Larouche/McDonald and Bellows/Borten/Hartsburg/Payne/Ciccarelli/Smith.

THE FOUNDING YEARS: A 6 player - 6 swatch memorabilia card featuring the early days of hockey and legends that defined the sport! Hockey history vintage style! Such as: Vezina/Worters/Lalonde/Morenz/Hainsworth/Joliat and Taylor/Nighbor/Lalonde/Adams/Clapper/Thompson.

THE FIRST SIX: A 6 player - 6 swatch memorabilia card paying homage to the first six NHL franchises! Such as: Horton/Armstrong/Keon/Mahovlich/Baun/Barilko and Belivea/Plante/Harvey/Richard/Olmstead/Morenz.

ULTIMATE SIGNATURES RELICS: A single player - 4 swatch autographed memorabilia card! Featuring stars of the hockey world such as: Steve Yzerman, Manon Rheaume, Gordie Howe and Dominik Haskek!

ULTIMATE SIGNATURES: Signature set featuring heroes and legends from hockey history! Such as: Red Kelly, Gordie Howe, and Jacques Laperriere!

ULTIMATE SIGNATURES MULTI: Signature sets featuring amazing combinations of hockey superstars! Such as: Duals - Martin Brodeur/Dominik Hasek & Elmer Lach/Gordie Howe, Triples - Hull/Modano/Roenick, Quad - Yzerman/Bowman/Larionov/Osgood & Howe/Lach/Schmidt/Moore, Six - Lafleur/Lapointe/Carbonneau/Lambert/Houle/Robinson & Eight - Lemieux/Howe/Hull/Modano/Lafleur/Esposito/Hull/Yzerman

10 Boxes Per Case