PERSONAL BREAK RIP & SHIP! 2020 Prizm Draft Picks Football Hobby Box

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PERSONAL BREAK: 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Football Hobby Box

1 sealed hobby box broken for you LIVE on camera and shipped to your door! Done during our live feed and recorded/posted to Youtube at the end of the night.

Each Box contains Five Autographs and Ten Parallels!

Prizm Draft Picks will be the first collegiate football product released in 2020, making it the first chance for collectors to get autographs from potential top picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Look for autograph pairings that feature top draft picks and even current stars in College Ties Autographs.

In Draft Picks, you'll find an extensive checklist with numerous potential picks in the 2020 NFL Draft!

Look for 10 parallels and 5 Autographs per box!


DRAFT PICKS PRIZM AUTOGRAPHS: In Draft Picks Prizms Autographs, you'll be able to collect the first autographs from all the top picks in the 2020 draft, which are featured on our highly collectible opti-chrome cards. Look for these to appear on 13 different parallels, most of which are hobby-exclusive!

- Draft Picks Prizms Green Autographs *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Purple and Green Autographs (max #'d/199) *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Neon Orange Autographs (max #'d/149) *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Red White and Blue Autographs (max #'d/99) *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Hyper Autographs (max #'d/75) *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Mojo Autographs (max #'d/49) *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Carolina Blue Autographs (max #'d/30) *Hobby-Exclusive
- Draft Picks Prizms Camo Autographs (max #'d/25) *Hobby-Exclusive

COLOR BLAST: Quickly turning into a fan favorite, look for rare Color Blast inserts of the top players from this year's draft!

DRAFT PICKS PRIZMS RED AND BLACK SNAKE SKIN: Loaded with 50 of the top prospects, Draft Picks will showcase each of them in 16 different parallels!

COLLEGE TIES AUTOGRAPHS GOLD VINYL: Look for star college teammates and peers to be paired up in College Ties Autographs!

BASE/ALL-AMERICANS/CRUSADE: 2020 Prizm Draft Picks Collegiate Football showcases three different base set designs, our traditional base, All-Americans, and Crusade. Hunt for each of these beautifully designed cards in all their parallels!

16 Boxes Per Case, 5 Packs Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack