PROMO: MLChristmas & Holiday Giveaway!!! READ FOR DETAILS - Major League Cardz

PROMO: MLChristmas & Holiday Giveaway Version 3.0!!! READ FOR DETAILS

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PROMO: MLChristmas & Holiday Giveaway!!! READ FOR DETAILS

It's that time of year to get in the holiday spirit! Beginning Wednesday, 12/1/21 we will start our 3rd annual MLChristmas & Holiday Giveaway

How does it work? Every break that totals $1,000 or more in spots that we run from 12/1 - 12/23 (or the last day we break before Xmas), 1 person, unless otherwise noted on the specific break, will be given a spot in the final giveaway via random. We will randomize the list of teams in the break and the top spot in the random wins the spot! For serial # breaks, or by the box type breaks, if it lands on a filler team we will randomize the list of people in the filler as a 2nd random to determine the winner. *NOTE: Spots in the giveaway may also be awarded at the breaker's discretion.

What's in the giveaway?  Break spots, hobby boxes, retail product, break credit and possibly some other surprises! The more breaks completed, the more we add and the bigger the items will be! THERE MAY BE A SURPRISE GIANT FIRST PRIZE ANNOUNCED SOON!!!! LAST YEAR IT WAS A SOLD-OUT EVERYWHERE XBOX SERIES X!!!

Can my spot be sold or traded? No.

Where can I view the current list of entrants? Use THIS Google doc.

Other Notes: All randoms will be run during the break, generally at the beginning. If we miss one, it will be run at a later time. If you are missing from the entrants list, please email with the break information that you won in.